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Further reading

  • As an introduction to the complexity of innovation, Stephen J. Kline’s and Nathan Rosenberg’s seminal article "An Overview of Innovation" is still unsurpassed.
  • For an early and different, yet related take on Product Thinking, read Nikkel Blaase’s well-known Medium post "Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design".
  • Our framework for describing complex adaptive systems is heavily influenced by Robert Axelrod’s and Michael D. Cohen’s book "Harnessing Complexity"..
  • Helpful overviews of the extensive literature on sense-making are Peter Pirolli’s and Daniel M. Russell’s “Introduction to this Special Issue on Sensemaking” in Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 26, and Brenda Dervin’s and Charles M. Naumer’s reference article “Sense-Making” in the Encyclopedia of Communication Theory.
  • A comprehensive theory of conceptual spaces, their significance and construction can be found in Peter Gärdenfors’s book "Conceptual Spaces"..
  • Barbara Tversky presents a thorough account of the visualization techniques and theories our (and pretty much every) canvas is based on in her paper "Visualizing Thought".
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